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Jul 10, 2012 8:00pm EDT
on the white house detail for cnn n. if you see somebody who likes like me with less hair. that's him. >> that's my younger brother. >> and dad was upi. >> the hay day. i was telling mike, i used to remember as a kid we had one car growing up. we took him to work and came back and picked him up. we parked on the 14th street and he'd be sitting there typing away a cigarette and a bottle of whiskey as the old time reporter used to be. >> we're all about invade your city. >> you are. i can't wait. >> mother of the bride? >> what do you hope that we'll remember about tampa. >> i think for most people coming to tampa, it's an -- market. some have never been to tampa before. it's a mid sized american city hosting an international event that other other than the olympics will be the most watched television event in the world this year. tampa is a place that what i hope, people walk away with saying wow. this is a city i didn't know about. this is city i would like to potentially visit again. a city i'd like to invest in. it's a really neat place. the convention itself will be in the tamp
Jul 30, 2012 8:30pm EDT
of mine from cnn plan to freeze the doctor finally got a guess. it did pass the house buy fairly partisan vote and don't know the number of the top of my head. his son, the senator from kentucky is pushing the bill in the senate. but as of now, it is sort of an out liar issue for the senate and it's probably not going to receive a vote unless some interpol has been pretty tough in his fight so far. >> host: from fox news the final vote was 327 to 98. lost in a bipartisan revelry with the fact eight co-sponsors, democrats actually voted against it. >> i stand corrected. there was a big win for dr. paul. it was probably one of his most important legislative victories so far. will it become law? probably not. but the issue about the fed and its handling of the bailout and its role in the bailout for years ago continues to resonate with a very intense group of voters and i think the you will see this issue won't die, and of ron paul is retiring but rand paul will be here to carry the flag. >> host: republican, welcome. >> caller: yes. i'm just curious why you don't do anything but th
Jul 24, 2012 8:00pm EDT
including "the new york times," cnn and "fortune" magazine. in this hearing in 2007, he published an article in a popular state taxpayer article entitled, wide the physical presence standard shouldn't go the way of personal jurisdiction. mr. henchman graduated with a degree in political science and a law degree from the george washington university. our last witnesses steve delbianco, executive director of netchoice, coalition of trade association that businesses and online consumers. i'll share goal of promoting convenience, choice and commerce on the internet. mr. delbianco is well-known for expertise on internet taxation and we look forward to his testimony on the subject today. mr. delbianco holds degrees in engineering economics from the university of pennsylvania and a business degree from ward. we welcome you -- the governor has arrived in the gentleman from tennessee is recognized to introduce as governor. >> thank you, mr. chairman. it is indeed my privilege to introduce the honorable bill hassell haslam. i think i may provide your dissent is tied. but he also represents the
Jul 18, 2012 8:00pm EDT
cnn's capital capital gang for 15 years. margrave. [applause] >> thanks, connie. [applause] >> i want to be honest. i was the first female columnist at "time" magazine and i was the last. i don't know what i did in between, but it worked out. we evolved as a successful living here today, but to take the time to, want to thank you. in the world of role models for me, you are a standout in that regard. i thought about it yesterday when yahoo! announced its new ceo. if they wanted. but not only is it about men, it is a woman who is at this moment pregnant. now when i was coming up, you wanted to hide that you are pregnant. so i wanted to get back to you. you just celebrated her 25th anniversary. you and our congress at age 46 or something. that is very young. and i didn't wait. i didn't launch my career at age 46. i was just plugging along, pretending i didn't have a child more or less. but you did it and you got a end now if you're not an speaker, leader pelosi. he went to the mountain tops. so tell me, tell us how did you get where you are? >> well, thank you, connie, to you and to mar
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4